Five Ways to Increase Engagement in the Workplace

February 11, 2022

It’s no secret that employee engagement has taken a massive hit since the increase of remote and hybrid work. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, only 33% of U.S. employees feel engaged with their work. Moreover, employees who are disengaged with their work are much more likely to leave their company.

Solutions like career coaching have become more critical now than ever in the effort to retain, engage, and motivate employees. By giving your team the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, they are allowed the space to better care for your business.

The list below compares three top-rated coaching companies to help you choose the platform that is best for you and your organization’s needs.

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What does Activate 180 do?

Activate 180 offers a personalized 1:1 coaching program to help companies elevate employee performance, productivity, and happiness. They believe that when you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business. Activate 180 takes a holistic approach in its coaching methodology to improve employees’ personal and professional lives with a focus on these five pillars: career, health + wellness, finances, relationships, and life experiences.


Activate 180 has adopted an affordable model, so that anyone who wants a coach can have a coach — it’s not just for the executives. Coaches receive thorough, hands-on training in the Activate 180 Coaching Methodology, which evaluates the five pillars and identifies the core areas the individual needs to work on the most. This approach ensures all areas of their life are thriving, all while connecting their success back to your business.


Activate 180 offers personalized, 1:1 60-minute video or audio coaching sessions each month. They also offer a 60-minute, monthly Experiential Team Workshop to encourage team connection and create an engaging workplace culture. Activate 180 experts hand select and match coaches with employees, ensuring strong and effective coach-client relationships by putting the person back into personal coaching. 


Apply today for one month of FREE coaching for one person in your company.

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What does BetterUp do?

BetterUp offers a wide range of services, including their business solution: Growth & Transformation. This business solution helps your employees perform at their peak by helping them build different behaviors, skills, and mindsets (betterup.com/solutions/growth-and-transformation). BetterUp also offers opportunities for individuals looking for coaching for themselves, as opposed to just through an organization.


BetterUp uses their IdentifyAI™ to evaluate your organization and get a better match for your employees’ coaching needs. IdentifyAI™ uses an algorithm to assess the needs in your company and makes a recommendation for “the amount of coaching, specialists, curated content, and coach type that is required for each person” (betterup.com/platform/professional-services/identify-ai).


BetterUp utilizes technology and science through their coaching to achieve ultimate growth in your employees. To get started, participants take an assessment, choose their own coach, and begin their session. If they need on-demand coaching, they can take an assessment to get matched with other coaches during that time.

If you’d like to try a demo, you can visit their website and schedule one here: www.betterup.com

What does Bravely do?

Bravely offers coaching at every level of your company. They scale access to coaching, help employees navigate change in the workplace, and drive performance. Bravely connects employees with coaches for confidential conversations when it is needed. (workbravely.com).


The “Pros” (coaches) at Bravely work with your employees to provide unbiased and actionable guidance. They give employees the tools to confidently work through workplace matters, ranging from communication issues with coworkers to other work-related stressors. Users describe their situation, select their language, and pick a time, and then are matched with a coach based on that information.


Coaching is available as needed through the Bravely App. Coaching calls are available via audio only. By utilizing Bravely’s Momentum Method, the coaches form a plan that uniquely fits each employee to develop skills and change perspectives. 

If you’d like to try a demo, you can visit their website and schedule one here: www.workbravely.com

What does CoachHub do?

CoachHub develops all employees into highly effective, inspiring leaders through personalized and measurable coaching programs fit to the company’s goals. They turn managers into strong and effective leaders, while helping employees grow in their professional and personal lives.


CoachHub offers digital coaching services backed by science. For the initial phase of the coach process, they focus on identifying the coachee’s goals. Next, they shift to the growth phase, which are 45-minute, bi-weekly coaching sessions. Finally, there is the reflection phase, where coaches review the coachee’s goal progression.


CoachHub offers measurable, scalable, and flexible coaching services. Through their platform, they primarily focus on building employees’ balance, presence, purpose, performance, empowerment, and communication. They also offer micro-learning tools and activities on their platform for users in between coaching sessions.

If you’d like to try a demo, you can visit their website and schedule one here: https://www.coachhub.com/ 

Deploying a coaching program has been proven to significantly boost company culture, employee engagement, and overall retention. When your people are happy, their performance and your profitability increase. Now, the next step is finding the best fit that will propel both your company and your employees into the next stage of growth.

To find out if Activate 180 is the right fit for you, you can schedule a consultation here.

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